When Diane Flemming first opened up her local vintage store in Kansas City, she didn’t know what to expect. After all, there are other well-known second-hand clothing stores around the city, and she wondered if her store would really turn out to be a success.

In 2009, she made the leap and starting meeting regularly with her mentor. It was a great match because her mentor had opened up a clothing store offering fajas for sale, and the two combined provided a solid relationship that would last for years.

“When I first started talking with Daryl (her mentor at SCORE KC), I knew that we shared a lot in common, though, I had no idea that this relationship would be so rewarding for years to come,” Diane explained. Daryl helped to provide strategic planning and guidance throughout the start-up phase. Now, that Diane and her business is growing, she still regularly is in touch with her mentor.

“This relationship started when Diane took action, and reached-out for some assistance in starting her business,” Daryl explained, “and I am so grateful she did since she has become one of my dearest friends since then,”

The clothing store is expected to grow over the years, and many predict that second-hand fashion is here to stay, which is exactly what Diane likes to hear. Everything from brainstorming to strategic planning are elements of her business that she enjoys the professional help from our mentors.