How to Grow Your Hair

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American women spend an average of $55,000 trying to keep their hair looking its best. This includes spending on specialized hair products, getting hair treatments, and regular trips to the local hair salon. The total cost of hair treatments and styling over a lifetime can be expensive.

Growing long hair, however, requires a different approach than the typical hair care. While the right hair cut, color, and style can make any hair long and beautiful, growing a healthy mane is a little more challenging.

A healthy diet and hair care products can make a remarkable difference in the look and feel of your hair. But, only if you start taking care of it while it’s still young.

Why Put Off Trimming?

The biggest problem with starting to grow your hair is that most people are content to sit and watch their hair grow. A new rule for growing long hair is that it won’t grow faster on the natural growth cycle. This means that half of the time, your hair will be growing somewhere it’s not supposed to be. The other half of the time, you’ll be spending energy and money styling the hair you have so you keep it from breaking, splitting, or snapping off.

Is this really worth it? No. The opposite is true. You’ll be happier with your length if you eliminate the split ends and begin taking measures to prevent damage during the first place.

How Can You Overcome Unwanted Hair?

Few things in life are more frustrating than unwanted hair. It’s frustrating enough trying to get rid of it, but with new growth it always returns. The problem is that most people allow this damage to go without effort.

Trimming the hair is often the first attempt people have. The next step is usually even more frustration. How is hair supposed to grow? The hair is supposed to grow and get thicker as it grows. Yet, how often is it possible to actually do that?

Hair can only grow and get thicker where it is actually supposed to grow, which is out of your head. Yet, you may grow it in an inconsistent fashion.

Diane from Local Clothing Store ResetKC

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When Diane Flemming first opened up her local vintage store in Kansas City, she didn’t know what to expect. After all, there are other well-known second-hand clothing stores around the city, and she wondered if her store would really turn out to be a success.

In 2009, she made the leap and starting meeting regularly with her mentor. It was a great match because her mentor had opened up a clothing store offering fajas for sale, and the two combined provided a solid relationship that would last for years.

“When I first started talking with Daryl (her mentor at SCORE KC), I knew that we shared a lot in common, though, I had no idea that this relationship would be so rewarding for years to come,” Diane explained. Daryl helped to provide strategic planning and guidance throughout the start-up phase. Now, that Diane and her business is growing, she still regularly is in touch with her mentor.

“This relationship started when Diane took action, and reached-out for some assistance in starting her business,” Daryl explained, “and I am so grateful she did since she has become one of my dearest friends since then,”

The clothing store is expected to grow over the years, and many predict that second-hand fashion is here to stay, which is exactly what Diane likes to hear. Everything from brainstorming to strategic planning are elements of her business that she enjoys the professional help from our mentors.

Interview with Paul Worcester from Simplifyy

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How has the industry changed since you got started?

It hasn’t changed.

What is a mentor to you?  Did you have any mentors growing your business?

I had a mentor who showed me what not to do who was as valuable as my other mentors who have showed me the right way.

What were the most important business lessons you learned when starting to grow your business? 

Find a problem I am passionate about fixing and build a team of smart people I like to go about the work of creating a solution.

Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering real estate investing for a living?

Focus, docs, focus. 

You can find out more about Paul at https://simplifyy.com, and stay-tuned for more local KC interviews with the the My Mentor Series.

Wendy in Kansas City

Interview with Wendy Hawkins from Waldo Welllness Cafe

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Can you tell us more about yourself and why you decided to call Kansas City your home?

KC is home by default since I was born here. I’m really a beach girl but I have roots and history in KC that is difficult to replicate when moving.

How has the industry changed since you got started?

I’ve been in the cannabis industry for a year now and it changes frequently in fact almost daily. There’s is a huge supply of retailers in KC of CBD which some of those intend to move forward with medical marijuana. I’m going to stay just as I am offering holistic health education as well as herbals, CBD and tea. I know there are people who want and desire a more natural way to health and take care of themselves.

What is a mentor to you? Did you have any mentors growing your business?

A mentor to me is someone who can be a point of reference to offer suggestions, provide feedback and be encouraging from a place of experience and wisdom. I have not really had any business mentors. I’ve had a couple of colleagues that I bounce ideas off of but not a mentor per say. I wish I did have one!

What were the most important business lessons you learned when starting to grow your business?

I’ve learned to be thorough when asking questions and gathering information.

Any advice you could offer to people new to the industry and considering doing what you’re doing for a living?

The advice I would offer is have a realistic plan but be flexible enough to move with the flow of your business. Not everything is going to go as planned!

You can find out more about Wendy at treatmentherbs.com as well as on social media @waldowellnesscafe. Remember the greatest wealth is health!!

My Mentor Series to Launch in October

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By popular request, we are launching the My Mentor Series which will provide you with a variety of perspectives for starting and growing your business in the Kansas City Area. With this series, you will be able to gain insights from local business owners about what it took to get them from their business idea to growing their business in KC!

It’s really neat that we go beyond the knowledge and expertise you’re already accustomed to with accessing the SCORE Resources in Kansas City — because with this series, you’ll learn more about the people behind their leadership roles for some of the rising brands in the KC Area.

What to Expect with the My Mentor Series

With the series, you can expect to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the local companies thriving in the community. Whether it’s a local bakery or CBD Store, there’s a story behind every company. With the My Mentor Series, we want to provide you with their stories which might inspire you to optimize your business.

When the Series Launches

The My Mentor Series will kick-off in October, though, we plan to continue this series throughout the 2020s! This series is a way of saying thank you for allowing us to help you for the past years in Kansas City!

Stay-tuned for our series, and if you feel like you’d be a great fit, feel free to contact us for consideration to be involved in our next line of interviews. Our mission is clear, and we’ve always been here to help local business owners move to the next level.


Success with Your Mentoring Program Outline

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When the mentoring program for business owners started years ago, there was a knowing that a proven formula for ensuring that business professionals received the help they needed in a cost-effective way was paramount. That’s why the mentoring program is still around today, and we’re here to help you. Though, just having the information is sometimes not enough. We want to give you more with understanding that a mentoring program outline can serve as your roadmap for success.

Mentoring Program Outline

The outline is meant to serve you as we help guide you with business counseling along your way, though, one size doesn’t fit all! In other words, the mentoring program outline is tailored for your individual needs. The outline provided by our Kansas City SCORE Resources will enable you to get a clearer direction for where to place your focus and energies. The mentoring program has helped numerous business owners succeed over the years– why wouldn’t it help you?

The program outline is set to provide you with the information needed to gain access to the right resources at the right time. You will want to follow the outline closely, and meet with the team at the agreed upon dates you set with him/her in advance. This way, you will have the accountability built-in to the plan, and you’ll only be subject to the market realities for your specific line of business.

We’re Here to Help

When you’re ready to move forward and develop a winning strategy for your business, we can help you. Our ongoing events and workshops provide you with 1-on-1 access to help you outline a plan that’s right for you and your business. With the right guidance, we look forward to seeing you grow your business in Kansas City!


Digital Success Mentoring

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At SCORE KC, we know that times have changed and we’re always looking for new, innovative approaches to offer local business owners succeed with their business ventures. Digital success mentoring is a new program you might want to review, and we hold local events in town to help you move forward. This past year, we’ve covered the topic of digital marketing in many ways, but we wanted to offer you something that you could benefit from in the Kansas City Area.

At our events, you will find a variety of resources for local business owners, including, the digital success mentoring program. With the program, you can review and discuss a variety of digital approaches for improving your business online. In fact, one of the most capable local digital marketing companies have come together for offering the best-in-class resources which you can consider for helping with your business. When more traction and visibility occurs online for your business, you’re likely to see increases in profits. It’s all about sourcing the right talent to help mentor you to get to the next level!

The Kansas City SCORE Team has been actively helping local business owners improve their business for years. Within the center, you can access the help you need– whether it’s information for starting and growing a business or in speaking with a counselor with success mentoring, we have you covered.

If you would like to get more details, we can send you the information you need. The digital success mentoring program is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the amount of calls we receive daily, you can easily access the digital success materials and resources by contacting us on the webpage. In this way, you are helping to enable us to be efficient with our capabilities (to serve business owners the best) all while being efficient with your time, too.

We look forward to serving you with digital success mentoring!