When the mentoring program for business owners started years ago, there was a knowing that a proven formula for ensuring that business professionals received the help they needed in a cost-effective way was paramount. That’s why the mentoring program is still around today, and we’re here to help you. Though, just having the information is sometimes not enough. We want to give you more with understanding that a mentoring program outline can serve as your roadmap for success.

Mentoring Program Outline

The outline is meant to serve you as we help guide you with business counseling along your way, though, one size doesn’t fit all! In other words, the mentoring program outline is tailored for your individual needs. The outline provided by our Kansas City SCORE Resources will enable you to get a clearer direction for where to place your focus and energies. The mentoring program has helped numerous business owners succeed over the years– why wouldn’t it help you?

The program outline is set to provide you with the information needed to gain access to the right resources at the right time. You will want to follow the outline closely, and meet with the team at the agreed upon dates you set with him/her in advance. This way, you will have the accountability built-in to the plan, and you’ll only be subject to the market realities for your specific line of business.

We’re Here to Help

When you’re ready to move forward and develop a winning strategy for your business, we can help you. Our ongoing events and workshops provide you with 1-on-1 access to help you outline a plan that’s right for you and your business. With the right guidance, we look forward to seeing you grow your business in Kansas City!