By popular request, we are launching the My Mentor Series which will provide you with a variety of perspectives for starting and growing your business in the Kansas City Area. With this series, you will be able to gain insights from local business owners about what it took to get them from their business idea to growing their business in KC!

It’s really neat that we go beyond the knowledge and expertise you’re already accustomed to with accessing the SCORE Resources in Kansas City — because with this series, you’ll learn more about the people behind their leadership roles for some of the rising brands in the KC Area.

What to Expect with the My Mentor Series

With the series, you can expect to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the local companies thriving in the community. Whether it’s a local bakery or CBD Store, there’s a story behind every company. With the My Mentor Series, we want to provide you with their stories which might inspire you to optimize your business.

When the Series Launches

The My Mentor Series will kick-off in October, though, we plan to continue this series throughout the 2020s! This series is a way of saying thank you for allowing us to help you for the past years in Kansas City!

Stay-tuned for our series, and if you feel like you’d be a great fit, feel free to contact us for consideration to be involved in our next line of interviews. Our mission is clear, and we’ve always been here to help local business owners move to the next level.