American women spend an average of $55,000 trying to keep their hair looking its best. This includes spending on specialized hair products, getting hair treatments, and regular trips to the local hair salon. The total cost of hair treatments and styling over a lifetime can be expensive.

Growing long hair, however, requires a different approach than the typical hair care. While the right hair cut, color, and style can make any hair long and beautiful, growing a healthy mane is a little more challenging.

A healthy diet and hair care products can make a remarkable difference in the look and feel of your hair. But, only if you start taking care of it while it’s still young.

Why Put Off Trimming?

The biggest problem with starting to grow your hair is that most people are content to sit and watch their hair grow. A new rule for growing long hair is that it won’t grow faster on the natural growth cycle. This means that half of the time, your hair will be growing somewhere it’s not supposed to be. The other half of the time, you’ll be spending energy and money styling the hair you have so you keep it from breaking, splitting, or snapping off.

Is this really worth it? No. The opposite is true. You’ll be happier with your length if you eliminate the split ends and begin taking measures to prevent damage during the first place.

How Can You Overcome Unwanted Hair?

Few things in life are more frustrating than unwanted hair. It’s frustrating enough trying to get rid of it, but with new growth it always returns. The problem is that most people allow this damage to go without effort.

Trimming the hair is often the first attempt people have. The next step is usually even more frustration. How is hair supposed to grow? The hair is supposed to grow and get thicker as it grows. Yet, how often is it possible to actually do that?

Hair can only grow and get thicker where it is actually supposed to grow, which is out of your head. Yet, you may grow it in an inconsistent fashion.